Guildford East District Scout Council.
As in many districts all over the UK, Guildford East District is short of Adult help. The sort of help required varies and YOU are bound to have some skills that WILL be useful. The most important asset required from a helper is time. So if you think you maybe suitable then please read on.

Please remember : as we are a Charity dealing with the development of young people, anyone offering their help will be asked to undergo the standard vetting procedures laid down by UK Law & the Scout Association.

Adult Leaders are the most obvious requirement for adult help, and you might feel you do not have the right attributes, but you would be surprised.
There are a number of groups that need helpers, assistant leaders and section leaders in all four of the scouting sections. As a "helper" you do not even need to wear a uniform, however the Assistant and Section Leaders will. However this is normally provided by the group and should not cost you anything. The Scout Association also provides training, which is a few weekends away which can be spread out over a few years.
As for skill required, most of us have some skill or trade. And unless it is Nuclear Physics, most of these can be adapted to the Scout Headquarters. We still tie knots, put up tents, go canoeing and hiking, but we do a lot of other things too, Computer Evenings, Radio Communication, Electronics, Handyman evenings, Go-kart building, 5 a side football, crafts etc. the list goes on.

GSLs, Commissioners and Executive Members
The Scout movement like every organisation needs people to manage the organisation and the Scout Association is no different. That's why we need Group Scout Leaders, Commissioners and Executive Members. These roles tend to have less direct involvement with the young people, but are nevertheless, still vital to the successful running of the movement. The jobs vary enormously in the amount of time and skill required.
Commissioners - these are the people that take charge, generally of particular parts of the movement, for example the Cub Scout Section or Adult Leader Training etc. Guildford East as a district from time to time does need adults to become commissioners. However these roles do tend to require a bit of prior knowledge about the particular area of the movement. These are often suitable for people who have previously been Leaders but can no longer commit to a meeting once a week. People with a background in training / teaching may also be suitable for some of these roles.
GSLs - Group Scout Leaders are the leaders that take charge of the Scout group as a whole. They are responsible for keeping the uniform side of the Scout Group running. Scouting experience is often a benefit but not essential. The ideal candidate will be someone who is good with people young and old.
Executive Members - these are required at both group level and district level. A number of roles are available from Treasurer to Chairman as well as representative for various sections of the group. These roles do not involve direct work with young people, but are the backbone of the organisation. The Executive Committee of a Scout Group is responsible for raising funds, purchasing equipment, maintaining the headquarters and generally keeping the Scout Group running smoothly. Anyone is suitable for these roles and most Scout Groups generally are on the look out for new members. This is often a role taken on by parents of members of the group but does not have to be, people with management, accounting, organisation and fund-raising skills are always required!

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ADULT HELP.  We need you!
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